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Work with your stylist to get on the same page about your desired look. 

We will discuss your hair history, goals and realistic color for your lifestyle, budget and maintenance schedule

***REQUIRED for all new clients***

    Specialty colors 

-Color correction $300+

This service requires a consultation. This  is for if you have had a color job that needs correcting, for example an unhappy result from another salon, or trying to lift out box color or previous old color for a new look.

- Bleach and tone $350+

This service is an all over bleaching, for either solid blonde looks, or getting blonde to do a fashion color

-Bleach and tone touch up $250+

maintenance for your new growth (typically 4-7 weeks) for your lightened hair

-Fashion color add on $50

for an unnatural colors,l like pinks, greens, blue and purples (just as a few examples)

Color services

-Base touch up $90+ 

this is a service for maintaining a solid color (like a grey coverage root) and is typically on a 4-7week cycle 

-Global Color $135+

this is a solid color covering from roots to ends

- Gloss/Toner $80+

this is a Demi permanent color designed to fade out of the hair after about 10-12 washes. this can be used to change your natural tone to more vibrant, or to keep a blonde tone from from getting dull or brassy.

Balayage and Highlighting Services

-Balayage  $225+

This is a hand painted dimensional color designed for natural sun kissed looks. typically a 2-4 hour service depending on the desired look

Foilayage $250+

This is a dimensional service designed to get very dark hair blonde or very light, while still having the natural blend of a balayage look. (modern balayage, teasylight)

-Highlights/lowlights $225+

This is a dimensional color service designed to lighten dark hair to blonde, or add dark hair in, creating contrast with the color

Design services 

Haircut $70-135

This service include a scalp massage and wash, a haircut design, and blow-dry service

Blow-dry and style $55+

this is a scalp massage, wash and blow-dry service with heat styling. perfect for a night out or just simply to have styled hair for the week 

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